Every week we spend hours scouring articles and trying to improve our knowledge, find inspiration, and simply learn. In an effort to share the craft of photography we’re going to try to share a few of our favorites every week.


  • Cuba: Traveling Light, Chasing Light : The Strobist (David Hobby) got home from a recent trip to Cuba and does a few things with this blog post. He shows us some amazing work, but also details the decisions he made and how he utilized his Fuji X100s to execute it.


  • LED Flashlight Photography: How To Make An “Ice Light” : Look…I know…the “ice light” is a gimmick and definitely not a necessity. However, after seeing one in person I think it could be a pretty cool modifier. However, I’m not sold on the cost. In this post we find out how to make a DIY version much cheaper.
  • Photoshop Blend Modes Explained : Where was this blog post when I was starting in Photoshop? This is A LOT of information to digest in one sitting, but it needs to be bookmarked, dropboxed, evernoted, etc.



  • 21 MORE Tips For Photographers Who Want To Use Twitter : I’ve been on Twitter for different purposes from the beginning and I’ve been leveraging it well. However, this is our 1st year having A LOT of our brides interact there with us. It’s difficult to measure any immediate impact of twitter to your business, but I promise if you put time and effort into it you’ll never regret it long term.